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    October 1st, 2011 HC Open Joint-Stock Company NEVZ-Soyuz together with Open Joint-Stock Company RusNano established a new enterprise - Close Joint-Stock Company NEVZ-CERAMICS.

    A purpose of Close JSC NEVZ-CERAMICS is to set up serial production of functional-structural ceramics for industrial customers in power engineering (incl. nuclear power engineering), radio electronics, mechanical engineering, chemical and petrochemical industries. The company is aimed to expand application fields of production, that also includes a development of medical products made from biocompatible medical nanoceramics for traumatology and orthopaedics.

    Reorganization and re-equipment of production and technical base, development of advanced technologies for nanostructured ceramics production made it possible for this activity to achieve high qualitative level.

    Main activities of ceramic production are:

    • ceramic metallized insulators for vacuum arch chambers, power semiconductor devices, image-coverter tubes for night vision devices;

    • ceramic metallized and non-metallized substrates;

    • ceramic elements for stop valve application;

    • armour ceramics;

    • biocompatible nanostructured ceramic products for medical application.

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